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Jerry and Suzy are, in their own words, old married folks, since 1960. After raising two daughters and helping with their kids, we hit the road in 2002, and haven’t stopped since. We are full-time RVers – no house, no jobs, no lawn to mow, and like rolling stones, we gather no moss.

Their motorhome, Rocinante, “Rosie” for short, is a 2001 Itasca Suncruiser, made by Winnebago. She is 36 feet long, built on a Ford Triton chassis. We bought her new in 2002. She has one slide-out room, part living room, part kitchen.

Rosie has been to 31 of our United States, two Canadian Provinces, and into Mexico. She’s got 51,000 miles under her fanbelt, at about 7 miles per gallon average. She’s climbed the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, and the Siskyous. She’s crossed the Continintal Divide in several states. She has traveled the Alaska Highway and the Cassiar, the “Top of the World” highway, parts of Route 66, and some very interesting back roads surfaced with gravel and dirt.

She’s been stuck in the mud twice, waded through melting permafrost, and blown one tire.

Rosie is more than anxious to see where she’ll go next, and so, quite frankly, are we.
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2 Responses

  1. George

    Great story, do you guys use any solar panel for you power requirements?

  2. admin

    We do not have a solar/electric system but lately we have been considering it. We don’t so the boondocking thing so solar never seemed to be worth the cost. But maybe we don’t boondock because we don’t have solar.