5th-Wheel Wanderings

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After several years of traveling for five to eight months a year in their RV, John and Carol decided to rent the house and live in the RV full time. This new phase of their life began January 29. Now they have even more time to explore North America and learn about where and how people live, work and enjoy life. They volunteer in parks and fish and wildlife areas to give back in gratitude for all the many blessings they have received in our lives.
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Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel 10 DVD Bargain BOX SET
By Mark Polk
10 DVD Set Includes

1) Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel- DVD
2) Trailer Towing, Weights, Hitch Work & Backing- DVD
3) Winterizing & Storing your RV – DVD
4) Marks Recommended 10 minute RV Essential Items- DVD
5) RV Campground Basics – DVD
6) RV Care and Maintenance- DVD
7) EZ RV Upgrades- DVD
8) Deep Cycle Batteries- DVD
9) RV Safety Features, Tips & Tricks- DVD
10)RV Awning Use, Care & Accessories- DVD
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