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Mark and Katie lived in a splendid apartment in the splendid town of Montclair, New Jersey, with a superbly splendid chihuahua named Mister. They were happy, but their lives became increasingly enveloped in routine and obligation.

Mark writes:
After many enthusiastic (read: inebriated) discussions of how to harness our creative instincts into meaningful outpourings, we arrived at a concept. What else could feed our mutual longing for excitement and discovery but: An American road trip! Enter Wanderful.us, a life-altering journey, and subsequent journal, that will reaffirm our connection with our home country.

This blog will one day become a journal that Katie and I share with our kids and grandchildren, as we gush to them about the best moments of our lives. This is the time to experience, to create, to share, to explore, to meet new people, to realize our individuality, to be inspired by our human race, to live!
Visit Mark & Katie’s blog to follow the wanderful travels.

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